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Who We Are:

Cooley Creative Media has one goal: help you grow your business.

How do you get yourself seen through the dense forest of competition? More importantly, how do you convert those views into long lasting clients?

As was always the case, word of mouth is the most profitable and important advertising any business can hope to have; however, the internet has cranked it up 20 notches, giving every person your company interacts with a megaphone. Cooley Creative Media is a full service digital marketing agency that is hoping to position itself as a traditional, client relationship-centric agency in a fast past, every evolving environment. We offer our clients: SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC advertising, and specialize in Content Creation.

The good news is that potential clients in your area of influence are currently searching for you and through modern technology we can get an idea of how they are trying to find people in your industry. So the name of the game is now Inbound Marketing, figuring out how to create a natural funnel that leads searching consumers to your digital doorstep.  

However, if you are not prominent on search engines like google or you have bad reviews on sites like yelp, you are at a disadvantage from which it is increasingly difficult to come back. 


What We Do:


Many digital marketing company promise to make your business "number one on google" in a matter of weeks, but these are lies. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marathon, not a sprint, and no one can guarantee number 1 on google other than google!

That's why at Cooley Creative Media we focus instead on the thing companies are hiring us for in the first place: bringing in new leads. So we attack your search engine branding on two fronts:

1. We research, develop and manage an aggressive pay-per-click campaign through google adwords and other social media platforms in order to bring you in new leads now.

2. We begin the process of building up your organic SEO, so that in time you are on the first page of google searches.

Following our predictable lead system businesses start to see consumers become leads and leads become clients. 

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Branding is what makes you recognizable and trusted. It is why you buy Band-Aids and not adhesive bandages. 

We create logos that stand out, draw attention, and wholly encapsulate your business. With brochures, business cards, and other design elements, everything that represents your business will be cohesive and professional. Our professional photographer will come on-site to capture the essence of your company in high resolution. Giving you the materials needed to show the world who you are.


We are seeing the rise of video and audio content in the world of digital marketing for all businesses. And we are not just talking about traditional television and radio adverting.

It seems like every business is now committing some of their marketing budget to the creation and cultivation of online video campaigns. This is because video, as used for inbound marketing and branding, is becoming the best way to engage with potential clients.

It has also becoming increasingly important to search engine ranking and social media presence. We provide our clients with high quality and affordable: 

Company Documentaries
Commercials and Customer Referrals
Web series Development and Production
Internal Training, Product Demos and How-to
and MORE!