Up Your Video Marketing

3 tips to help improve the quality of your small businesses video content. For more follow: https://www.instagram.com/dancooleycreative/

When it comes to marketing, video is no longer an option but a necessity. The click-rate of an email goes up 200-300% when a video is included and conversion rates go up 80% when a video is included on a landing page (Source: Hubspot).

There are many reasonably priced companies who can create expert videos. However, if you’re doing it on your own, here are some tips to make your videos look more professional.

1. Sound

If your video has a lot of extraneous noises, feedback, or is difficult hear, potential clients aren’t going to watch it. Invest in a good microphone.

A lavalier mic clips onto your lapel, gives you more freedom of movement, and can record into your cell phone. There are also, microphones that connect right to your camera, known as shotgun mics. They are easy to use and make filming with one camera a breeze.

Another option for recording sound outside of a studio is a field recorder, from brands like Tascam and Zoom. They are extremely helpful for outdoor shots or to get an atmospheric feel to your sound.

2. Lighting

Shadows and light can set atmosphere or mood, sometimes in unintentional ways. You don’t want your potential clients to imagine your business as dark and ominous with a monster waiting in a corner because your video has a lot of shadows.

Make sure the video is well lit. You don’t need an expensive lighting kit (although there are some reasonably priced lighting kits that will get the job done), just a brightly lit room. To ensure there aren’t many shadows, stand directly under an overhead light and avoid a cluttered space.

3. Frame Yourself Correctly

A good way to spot an amateur's video is bad framing.

If you are speaking directly to the camera make sure you are in the center. Filming from the chest up or a bit wider is standard. Make sure your head isn’t too high in the frame. You don’t want to cut the top of your head off on screen, so keep a little space above it when framing the shot.

You also don’t want to be too low in the frame and have a gaping amount of space above you. The same goes for having unequal space on either side of you. Your potential client wants to focus in on you and what you’re saying. Avoiding extraneous space or being centered in the frame, ensures the client’s focus is all on you.

Keeping these simple, yet important tips in mind will help your videos look more professional. More professional videos will have more potential clients clicking on them and that means more ROI for your business.