Dan Cooley


Dan is a digital marketing consultant, and obsessive content consumer and creator from Monmouth County, NJ. For 5 years, Dan has been using creative digital strategies to help business problem solve, find high value customers and grow.



Dan is also an acting teacher and theater director throughout New Jersey and New York City. Living the indie artists lifestyle, Dan is no stranger to taking project from conception to distribution under an extremely tight deadline. At the end of the day, Dan's great love has always been storytelling. His big Irish family taught him the importance of a good yarn before he is able to remember. They also taught him that to really know someone, you must walk in their shoes. Dan tries to bring this to every project that he is involved in.



Megan Donovan

Creative director


Megan Donovan graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a BA in graphic design. After getting her feet wet with CCG Metamedia in NYC, she started freelancing. Her clients in New York were all healthcare companies such as Pfizer and Merck.For the past ten years, her freelancing business has expanded beyond corporate healthcare to include small businesses, theaters, and designing for individuals. Clients have included Allergan, Love Creek Productions, Travel Touch Massage Therapy, Actors Playground, Playground Theater Project, Swamp Queen Productions, Youth Stages, AM New York, and Brenntag Specialties. Her designs have included logos, press kits, website and video design/graphics, posters, postcards, and invitations. Now she brings her knowledge of corporate, creative, and sometimes seemingly random clients to Cooley Creative Media.