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Pasha MEDITERRANEAN Restaurant and banquet

Pasha Mediterranean Restaurant and Banquet brought us in shortly after opening. Their food is absolutely fantastic and the design of their restaurant is pure art. However, they were having a hard time getting people in the door. The owners saw an uptick almost immediately and consistent growth month over month after we started handling their social media ad campaigns. Here are the numbers for the first three months:

January 1 - April 1
Impressions: 317,261
Clicks: 13,166
Cost Per Click: $.14
Click Through Rate: 4.15%


Midwest Aerial Park Chain - Location #1 - Year/Year - 4/15/2018 to 12/31/18

This successful aerial park chain located in the Midwest had seen good numbers when using an in house employee to run their PPC campaigns; however, they were looking to take it to the next level. Their focus was not only to get more targeted with their audience but to have a general messaging overhaul. Below are their year over year numbers:

2017 (Before We Took Over) 2018 (After We Took Over)

Impressions: 434,915 995,590 (128% Increase)
Clicks: 10,185 51,048 (401% Increase)
Cost Per Click: $.39 $.12 (68.35% Decrease)
Click Through Rate: .98% 3.27% (233% Increase)


Rafting and Fishing Expeditions - Aspen, Co - Social Ad Campaigns

This is a unique (and the coolest) expedition company in Aspen. The problem? How do they compete in a market saturated with resorts offering their services? We took over their social media and started showing the world what is so clear: you want ordinary - go to a resort. Do you want to live the fantasy? Come to us!

March 1 - June 1

247,044 [36,998 Organic and 210,046 Paid] Impressions (866% Increase)
818 Engagements (375.6%)
4751 Link Clicks

36.1% Fan Increase
93,609 Impressions (448.2% Increase)
7899 Engagements (246% Increase)