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Hello Family!

I am writing everyone today to answer one question: what the hell is Danny doing for a living. 

First let me tell you why I am going to answer this question. At the end of this school year Becky will be leaving her job teaching for at least a couple of years, if not indefinitely. This wasn’t an easy decision to make and not one made lightly; however, my company is making enough to take this risk and Becky has opportunities to make money writing which is exciting. 

So the reason I am writing this letter is to put in your heads what my company does, how we have helped businesses and the types of businesses we have helped.

My hope is not that you will feel pressured to market my business. My hope is that, by knowing what I do, you might recognize when someone you know could potentially need my company’s services.

Plus, I sort of want you all to know what I’ve built because I’m proud of it 😋

Below is a description and more info - thank you for reading!

I love you,

My company’s name is Cooley Creative Media and we are a digital marketing company. We focus on helping businesses grow their influence and find new customers. I have had a lot of success doing this through the use of:

  • Social Media Ads: these are Facebook and Instagram ads that can be used to spread awareness and push direct sales

  • Google Ads: we get in front of people who are currently searching for a product or service.

  • Social Media Management: we help build a company’s community, spread awareness and engage with current and potential customers.

  • Search Engine Optimization: we get in front of people searching for a product or service WITHOUT paying ad money.

I have seen success with many types of businesses. Currently my biggest clients are a:

Mediterranean restaurant in Franklin Park
Whitewater rafting company in Aspen
Zipline park chain in Indiana 
Wedding photographer based in NYC
Catering company in Philadelphia 
New luxury community coming to South Carolina
A landscape supply company in Charlotte 
and the best damn acting school in New Jersey.

In reality almost all businesses need digital marketing. Easy for me to say since it is my business but it’s true. Where I am starting to make a name for myself is in HOW I am doing business. 

The sad truth is, a lot of businesses have been burned by marketing companies to one degree or another. So I am doing things in a different and more involved way. Instead of trying to take the money and run (which is unfortunately what a lot of marketing companies do) I am looking to create long term relationships with businesses I believe in.

Basically, I am trying to replicate what I did for the acting school: get in the trenches, understand what makes their businesses valuable and unique, leverage those things to help them thrive. 

I am most interested in working with businesses that are already doing well and want to take it to the next level. 


New businesses that have all the makings of a successful company, but don’t have marketing. 

I hope this makes any sense at all -If anyone has questions please just hit me up.