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Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords and Content Strategy.

Cooley Creative Media was conceived with one simple vision: to provide businesses and organizations of all sizes with high-end digital marketing. With a focus on telling each brand's unique story and providing true and honest engagement with current and potential customers, Cooley Creative stands apart from its contemporaries. 

Why? It’s simple. We know what it is to be in the hot seat. Instead of creating a marketing company with no knowledge of what it is to run a business, our journey started with our team working as employees at an acting school in Central New Jersey. 

We were facing the same difficult decisions that our clients deal with on a day-to-day:

  • How do we grow?

  • Where should we spend our marketing budget?

  • What is the best use of our time and limited resources?

  • Do we spend money on social media, Google AdWords, or a new employee?

It was from this experience that we came to love marketing and helping great businesses grow quickly. Our entry into this industry was not traditional, but our experience has served our clients well. We take budgets, time, and the passion it takes to run an organization very seriously, and we approach problems with an empathetic and pragmatic point of view that our clients find refreshing.  




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Areas of Expertise

Social media management

In a world filled with countless brands screaming at consumers, it becomes essential to go a different way. That is why we see our job as more than posting interesting, relevant content. That’s why, along with creating posts, we take time to engage with potential customers with empathy and interest. We put in the time and energy to build a community, a digital ecosystem, that will continue to grow for years to come.

Content Creation and Blogging

Blogging has evolved from a way to share your feelings and the day’s events online to an essential marketing strategy that gives your customers confidence in your expertise. By adding a blog to your website, you can increase traffic, improve your SEO, and relay helpful information to your clients. Through thoroughly researched writing, we connect to your customers and educate them on the importance of your services. 

Social Media Ads

The first and most consistent hurdle that any business needs to overcome is simple: making sure that potential customers know you exist! However, cutting through the noise on social media can be difficult. The good news is reaching people with your message has never been easier. We are excited to use our artistic background to craft creative ads that will help you leave an impact on the digital community!

Google adwords and
search engine optimization

Your perfect customers and clients are out there searching for you on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing every day. Through a combination of Search Engine Optimization and Google Adwords, we can make sure that you are being found when your ideal candidate is looking to make a buying decision. 



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